Forecast for November 2013, the theme is Discipline

02.11.2013 14:22

The theme for November is DISCIPLINE.

Many of you are still in the throws of October's letting go and reset themes. But what follows is the need for discipline in order to continue on and anchor whatever is being reset. DISCIPLINE this month will be for committing to your new intentions, not taking things personally, following through with determination, setting daily practices and continuing forward despite difficulty, doubt and obstacles.

You will need to be present and paying close attention, watching your boundaries and telling the truth to yourself and others about what is in your heart. This is truly a time of transformation and there is much that ruthlessly supports this incredible time of change. It is uncomfortable, can be confusing and chaotic, and will test you to your limits. Is it all worth it? You bet. Who would not want to emerge a butterfly from the caterpillar? But first you must experience digesting yourself.

There is children's story of the little engine that could. All of us are the little engine and need to adopt the "yes I can" attitude instead of wimping out when the going gets tough. This is a rather ruthless month that does not allow you to feel sorry for yourself for very long. There is a real opportunity for a bid for power through your own disciplines should you choose to step up. All martyrdom needs to be eliminated as well as procrastination, self-doubt and the attachment to worry. We must be disciplined against these low frequency behaviors and beliefs as much as being disciplined towards high frequency practices and intentions.

Engaging the moving center is also crucial this month, as it will help to keep things moving in the right direction when you feel stuck. The physical body, especially the bones and joints, are likely to have a tough time as you go through the release and regrouping of patterns. Exercise will help even if you don't feel like it. For some of you this will be a real discipline as the month could breed depression, anxiety and despair leading to lethargy and a lack of motivation. Many of you have the moving center in the balance position and you know you always feel better after having engaged it.

Boundaries are another big theme this month and it will require discipline to reinforce your boundaries against other people's negativity and your own negative reactions. This does not mean repressing your energy. It means learning to move it into appropriate channels that will better serve you. For example if you react or experience anger, rage, irritability or frustration, with discipline this can be rechanneled into high levels of creativity, inspiration and right action. The energy this month is highly charged, very masculine and supportive to great productivity and movement. It will require discipline. (We will work with boundaries, protection and energetic discipline in the monthly support Mp3 (link here)

Another discipline is to "keep don't know mind". The break down and reset of October has landed us in the place of the unknown. We sort of know where we are going but we have no clue as to how we are going to get there or what the outcome will be. The good news is that you do not have to know as spirit knows and that is what's important. So the discipline is to trust spirit and to be OK with not knowing. All that is required of you is to put one foot in front of the other, keep your boundaries, be disciplined against distractions of anything you know in your heart is not serving you, and to tell the truth to yourself and others.

Whatever has not fallen apart or gone through a major change in October that still needs to will harness the charged energy of November for support. Resistance is futile. The only thing that will get you through is to embrace what is coming much like preparing to ride a huge rapid on a river. You can either do it with fear and trepidation or with exhilarated enthusiasm and excitement trusting spirit as your boat and your guide.

It is time to rewrite your personal rules of how the universe works for you. This will be a good month to examine the rules you have in your life (conscious and unconscious) and rewrite the ones that no longer serve you. You may not even be aware of some of the rules that have been playing themselves out and providing you with exactly what you expect. Changing them will require being present, paying attention and being disciplined. (The support Mp3 has a whole section on this (link here)

Opportunities this month:

Rewrite your rules
Be highly productive
Permanently change old patterns
Adopt new habits and good daily practices
Step into a higher level of functioning
Emerge with a new energy and belief system
Strengthen your boundaries
Move through personal limitations and obstacles like never before
Strengthen trust in your heart
Clean house of the old baggage

Challenges and things to watch for:

Letting go of old attachments
Losing your center through poor boundaries
Succumbing to Martyrdom and blame
Impatience and irritability
Depression and despair
Giving up in a negative way
Over analyzing and obsessive hyper vigilance
Fear and believing the illusion
Feeling stuck, limited and disempowered

How the month shows up:


This is a highly charged month for personal growth, meaning that some days you will feel on top of things and other days you will feel like you have regressed to the age of 2. The instinctive center is getting a real clean out and we are still somewhat under the influence of October's theme of resetting our operating system to that of one that serves us better. The process however is uncomfortable and inspiring at the same time. Just know that his is a month of ups and downs and that it is important to stay out of judgment and be neutral, as what feels like failure one day will feel like success the next.

You may go through periods of time where you really don't know who you are any more and the only clues you have are your own reactions to things. Remember the discipline of keeping a "don't know mind" and give spirit lots of leeway for providing right timing. This is an excellent month to study your own relationship with discipline and what it means to you. You know where you are undisciplined and this month you may have the opportunity to discover why and to change the pattern. Discipline around tasks and action is easier to track than energetic discipline so you may start with looking at the more concrete aspect of your life.

You have much support this month to turn the caterpillar into a butterfly. It is just going to require sticking to the program of discipline, being present, and trusting in spirit.


Choices, boundaries and discipline all play a part in relationship issues this month. The first question to ask yourself is, "what have I been putting up with?" and then. "What am I going to do about it?"

Taking responsibility for what you have been putting up with will be part of the discipline of the month. Then taking responsibility for ways that you have not shown up in relationships that are important to you will also be necessary.
Relationships always go through growing pains during times of change and the discipline this month is in taking responsibility for your part in any relationship dynamic that needs to or that is going through a change.

If you are initiating change based on needing to shift something, stay out of blame and judgment of others. If you are at the effect of a shift due to another's need for change, don't take it personally, stay out of Martyrdom and take responsibility for your personal reactions.

You have the opportunity to end up at the end of the month having done some good house cleaning around relationships that do not serve you as well as forming some good practices around giving more to relationships that are important to you.
Remember that if you are putting up with something that does not feel good, it is your choice and you always have the ability to change it.


The discipline around the environment is to continue to pay attention to your own personal environment, as it is a symbol of the greater environment. Keeping a certain order to it will always help you manage and deal with any chaos you may feel towards what is happening in the greater environment. When huge environmental phenomena happen, we tend to feel out of control and our instinctive centers get a bit rattled.

Working with what we can control always settles the instinctive center and brings us a sense of order even in the chaos of change. It is important to acknowledge the intensity of events as positive and symbolizing change. But at the same time it is equally as important to take responsibility for ones own environment, cleaning out the old, repotting plants that need it, trimming and weeding, making repairs, dealing with what you have been procrastinating for years, redecorating, and shifting and changing the energy to accommodate a new frequency.


Heated discussions, change, unexpected discoveries, uncovering truth, conflict, unexpected cooperation are all part of what you may expect this month in looking at global issues. Unpredictability is the norm no matter what the experts say. Your job is to be disciplined about how you allow disturbing news to affect you and what boundaries you place around your own beliefs about how the world "could" be. Don't take anything at face value and see everything as a work in progress.

The whole planet is in a giant birth canal, under the stress of unknown survival, not knowing how long the process will take or what the outcome will be. Just as in birth, there is no going back. And just as in birth, a new life changes everything.

So keep reminding yourself of the birth and the excitement of new life even while experiencing the pains of the process. Stay neutral to horrifying news and focus on your own higher centered dreams.


We already mentioned the challenge with the joints and bones. The bones, joints, teeth and hard cartilage hold old patterns in the body. This is a time when we are determined to release the old to make way for the new. The other difficulty may be with energy levels in general.

This is a good month to contemplate what is working and what is not. What have you been putting up with? What is not serving you? Where have you been overly responsible and where have you not been responsible enough? What needs more discipline, boundaries and protection? What needs to be dissolved and what needs resetting.

The focus for you should be to discipline your time and business commitments to suit your life instead of working your life around your business. If you believe this is not possible you have the wrong set of rules. Watch the demands of others and make sure they are appropriate. If not, remember you can always say no.

On the other hand this can be a very productive month with projects and partnerships using the energy to move themselves forward in positive ways. In general look for more movement than we had in October in terms of progress and getting things done.


November 1-7: An intense start to the month with a collision of energies that force you to pay attention and be present with every step. Use discipline around keeping a "don't know mind" even as you navigate through situations that may be seem like they are demanding information or direction that you don't have. Especially those of you who are in positions where others depend on you for guidance may truly have to set some boundaries and give yourselves the gift of not having to support others in that way. It's OK to say, "I don't know".

This is a good time to re evaluate what is your responsibility and what is not. Be disciplined around taking on other peoples burdens, set good boundaries and look to channel your own energies and reactions into positive creativity and inspiration. This is also an excellent time, especially at the new moon/eclipse, to look at your rules and intend to change what is not serving you.

A daily discipline of protection is helpful during this time especially against being magnetized unnecessarily into another persons drama or karmic lesson.

November 3: New Moon with a partial/hybrid solar eclipse is at 5:50 AM MST. This is a truly powerful time to set new intentions, rules and disciplined commitments especially about what you don't want. It may be more difficult to get clarity about what you wish to manifest but you should by this time be clear about what is not serving you. It is enough to anchor the boundary against what you no longer wish to experience or engage in. Allow spirit to bring you the timing and the clarity of the how and when. And then trust that it will be so.

November 8-15: During this "shell shocked" time sometimes it is enough just to put one foot in front of the other. You may feel contracted or have difficulty staying up beat and positive. You may be unfocused or confused or scattered. There is much that is changing and paying attention to your immediate environment is crucial. Keep you daily goals achievable and be disciplined about staying neutral, not taking anything personally and seeing everything as a work in progress.

Remember that even if it does not appear that there is any progress in the physical, there is a great deal going on energetically. Keep your mind occupied with mundane tasks so it does not go into fretting, obsession and anxiety about what it does not know.

The positive of this time frame is an allowing of a new foundation and a new anchor. You are in the birth canal. There is no going back. Relax and allow, but push yourself forward with discipline and presence.

November 17: Full Moon is at 8:16 AM MST. Because this is such a powerful time energetically, it is easy to get caught up in the drama of it all. The temptation is always to look at what has come down that has been a challenge or is negative. The mind will always want to understand and try to process what did not work out much more readily than gaining any insight into what manifested without any problem.
During this full moon, discipline the mind to accept and welcome the positives in your life. Focus on what works and ask the "what if" questions that will stimulate even a greater expansion and gratitude.

November 16-22:
This can be a very inspiring time of seeing the results of your new rules and stronger boundaries. If your life is not improving in certain areas you may need to revisit why that is. This is a time for you, putting yourself first, honoring your boundaries and honoring yourself for your successful discipline. Continue, continue, continue putting one foot in front of the other, not taking things personally, keeping a "don't know mind", enjoying life, and being creative and inspired.
If your energy is fluctuating, let it be. Get enough rest and allow others to support you. This is a good time to do something proactive towards progress in your business or any project you may be inspired to begin or continue with.
And don't forget to get enough exercise.
November 23-30:
A good time for community, support and rest. There is an energetic exhaustion much like what follows an actual birth. Know that you have been through the worst. What follows now is an adjustment to the new life and what it brings. What follows now is also setting things up right for everything new that comes with this new way of being with new rules, new boundaries, new friends, new creativity and new disciplines.
Discipline right now is about staying away and out of anything and everything that would cause you stress, negative reactions, losing your boundaries and sliding back into old patterns and anything that does not serve. Include some fun in your life and be in humor as much as possible. Trust you heart!
Have a great month!


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