The possibilities for homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy treatment has basically unlimited possibilities. It’s a unique, time-proven method that treats the causes of your illnesses without any side effects.

Homeopathy helps to stimulate your body, your immune system and more, it works with your inner vital energy and is therefore safe and effective.

The method of treatment is very individual. Each of us is unique and requires an individual approach and path through their lives.

Homeopathy can help you find and transform the inner causes of illnesses and difficulties. Sometimes you do this with the help of homeopathy consciously, and sometimes on another level.

Homeopathy does not treat illnesses, but the human being. Illnesses just show the way to get over a problem.

Homeopathy is a natural treatment for anyone who wishes to take their life into their own hands and who wants to grow and live fully in the joy of what is and of being in the present.

Homeopathy can treat difficulties on the mental, emotional and physical levels, as well as acute, chronic or recurring problems, pains and worries.


Below is a list of the main types of difficulties I deal with at my clinic:

  •  Homeopathy for pregnancy and delivery
  •  Homeopathy for infants, children and teenagers; physical, emotional and psychological  difficulties in children (autism, dysgraphia, hyperactivity, ADHD and others)
  •  Homeopathy as mental support; therapy for depression, burning-out and stress; the treatment of addiction
  •   Homeopathy for gynaecological difficulties
  •   Homeopathy and menopause, relationship and job problems, and managing life changes
  •   Homeopathy during and after injuries and operations
  •  First aid for acute conditions – physical, emotional and psychological
  •   Homeopathy for recovery, regeneration, before and after operations, vaccinations, etc., birth-control, chemotherapy and others
  •   Homeopathy for the whole family – holidays, travelling, culture-shock
  •   Animals and homeopathy
  •   Homeopathy for plants