Frequently Asked Questions


Based on my experience, I have written down some general rules, FAQ and some important notes from my side.

These rules are literally general. Since each human being is individual, so the treatment is original and unique. Please, ask me questions anytime when there is something unclear to you.

Where and how to store homeopathic drugs?

The best place is a dry one and room temperature. Avoid places with strong electromagnetic radiators (emitters) and natural elements – Sun, Water, Fire…

How does the homeopathy work?

The answer to this question can be neither complicated, nor very simpleJ. According to my own experience, I prefer to answer to this question personally.

How to use homeopathy drugs?

Adults are recommended (according my individual instructions) to suck the pill or to leave it to melt under the tongue. If possible, do not eat or drink 30 min before and after. Of course, there are some situations we cannot follow this rule. The drug effects are not basically influenced.

Pills intended for babies and small kids can be melted in boiled water or in breast milk.

You are allowed to touch only the pill that’s for immediate use.

In what part of the day should be the homeopathic pills taken?

I always recommend taking homeopathy, when you are in a piece. The body is having a rest and can easily absorb the energy and the information of the drug.

On the other hand, there are cases, that you need you take your drugs before travelling, or exams or in a situations we are not in a piece.


Have the homeopathic expiration date?

If they are stored accordingly, they are eternal:-)


Are there some liquids or food that may negatively influence the homeopathic effect?

Menthol, caffre or coffee do not influence the homeopathic effect in the case you do not swallow the pills with them. There is a general rule, the mouth should be clean before you eat the pill. On the other hand, there are situations that you need to take the pill for ex. every 5 minutes and it’s Impossible, to keep your mouth clean all the time. Besides of this fact, the homeopathic work! 

Are there side effects during the homeopathic treatment?

The homeopathic pills do not cause any side effects.  On the other hand, there are activated your inner processes. Some of them (I mean the processes) can change, some of them can run faster. Watch yourself carefully and please, keep me posted about the major changes concerning yourself and your immediate enviroment.

Observing as a part of the treatment

As mentioned above, it’s very important to watch carefully yourself or your kids during the therapy. Watch yourself or your kids both from physical and mental point of view. Watch what are the peoples’ around you  reactions and all the changes that occur. It’s a very important part for the following treatment.

When can I expect the effect of the treatment?

In general, you can expect relief within some hours or days. It depends what kind of problem we are working on. The effect is different when we treat ex. fever and different when you have problems with depressions or addictions.

Wrong pill choice:

In the case you choose a wrong pill (ex. from your personal drug store), nothing happens. The drug doesn’t find anything to be connected to and the energy leaves.  Imagine that somebody is talking to you with a language you do not know. You will ignore him and nothing will happen.

Important notes:

You will get your pills in a small sack with a date and your name. According to the date, we can evaluate the remedy effect.

I mostly do not reveal the name of the homeopathic.  I decided not to because of my experience, that people are more concentrated to the name of the pills and not to the effect that may bring them.  After some months of the treatment, we can discuss the name and the „topic“of the pill.

My personal message:
I’m ready to answer to any of your questions. Do not be afraid to ask me any kind of questions. Get rid of fears and doubts. Any question is silly, any fear or doubt is a problem. By contraries, when you start talking about them, it can lead to the way of solution. I do not neither judge, nor criticize. Do not be shy in front of me, in front yourself. Be honest and open as much as possible.

I know very well how much painful it can be. But believe me, when you pass it, your progress is enormous…

Each life story is a unique for me and has a deep meaning. We all have the same chance to be healed. It’s just up to you…