Supportive therapy



Meditations are a way to calm the body from feelings of chaos. They relieve stress and guide us back to ourselves. We can come to understand where we let ourselves be influenced, and we learn to listen to our inner self and accept responsibility for ourselves.

We can learn to search for the real causes of our illnesses and ultimately we can even treat them with the help of meditations.

In the beginning it is important to learn how to breathe and how to ground oneself. Then, to learn to concentrate and focus one's attention. Then there come a wide range of possibilities as to which way to proceed.

The combination of homeopathy and meditations or rituals is one of the ways (the most effective in my opinion) to solve one's difficulties, find answers to one's questions, find new paths and healing.


Colloidal dillutions - Silver and Gold


As a therapy support, Colloidal Gold, Silver and Platinum are frequent suggestion to my clients. In combination with homeopathic remedies, the treatment of certain problems is much more effective. The reason is that the body is „tuned“ to petite energies so it’s easier to accept not only those tiny pieces of gold and silver but also the active transformation energy. 

Colloidal Silver
Cleaning, healing and calming effects

  • General detoxification and revitalisation
  • Different kind infections (flues, cystitis, tonsilities, piles, acne)
  • Staphylococcus infections
  • Skin infections – eczemas, herpes, psoriasis
  • In general it has antivirus and antimycotics effects
  • Revitalizes the immunity system
  • Helps to fight cancer, diabetes and sepsis
  • Diarrhoea
  • Intoxications caused by toxins in blood
  • Borreliosis, arthritis, rheumatism
  • Speeds up the wounds and scars healing
  • Water desinfection


Colloidal Gold:
positive influence on harmonisation, regeneration and transformation

  • Thyroid
  • Liver and Gall Bladder
  • Bladder inflammation, frequent urination problems
  • Nerves
  • Rheumatism and joint inflammations
  • MS, dystrophy
  • Dissolves mycosis when used long term
  • Harmonizes, treats DNA, raises frequencies
  • Increases IQ
  • Lowers aggression and anger
  • Treats depressions, anxieties and helps to treat addictions
  • Increases vibration of energetic bodies


Dosage is usually recommended by the homeopath, according to general rules can be applied as follows:

Ag 400 colloidal silver: concentration 40ppm (40g/l). Prevention, digestion support, purgation: ½ tea spoon (ts) – 1 tea spoon twice a day for minimum of 6 weeks.
Cold, flue: 2-4 tea spoon a day during the acute illness. To increase vitality: max 6 tea spoons a day for maximum 14 days. For kids is half dosage recommended.   


Au 100 colloidal gold: concentration 10ppm (10g/l). Energetic treatment: 1-5 drops  several times a day.  Rheumatism, mycosis, inflamations, all chronic issues: ½ - 1 ts 2-3x a day.


Store in a room temperature and in a dark place. Keep away from electro/magnetical field and sunbeams. Do not store in the fridge and keep away from fridge. If it goes grey or pink, it means it’s spoiled.



Always use on en empty stomach. Always keep for a while in your mouth. In 20-30 minutes you can eat as usual.

Can be applied oral, local, vaginal or anal. Can be used to wash your throat, nose and ear.


You can use it to purge  your space, stones, household things, sacred objects. Wash your space with the coloidal silver (or ½ l of colloidal silver into 10l of water) and then spray the room walls and ceiling.