About me and what I offer

My name is Vladimíra and I have been working in homeopathy for more than 17 years. For me homeopathy is not only a way of healing but also a path to self-discovery.

One of the most valuable things I can offer besides my knowledge of homeopathy and other fields is my life experience and of course my many years of work experience.

I have tried most of the remedies I offer to my clients, and some I have even made myself.

I work with more then 8 000 homeopathic remedies in various potencies.

Homeopathy treatment also has very good results in combination with meditations, which I also offer, as well as with colloidal dillutions (gold, silver, platinum).

I consider it essential, that I’ll be understanding of any life situation in which you may find yourself. I believe that whatever you are experiencing and feeling is your inner truth which I neither judge nor criticize. I accept it, and I choose a remedy that helps you find your way.

I see this work as my calling and I do it with love.

My personal message:
I’m ready to answer to any of your questions. Do not be afraid to ask me any kind of questions. Get rid of fears and doubts. Any question is silly, any fear or doubt is a problem. By contraries, when you start talking about them, it can lead to the way of solution. I do not neither judge, nor criticize. Do not be shy in front of me, in front yourself. Be honest and open as much as possible.

I know very well how much painful it can be. But believe me, when you overcome it, your progress is enormous…

Each life story is a unique for me and has a deep meaning. We all have the same chance to be healed. It’s just up to you…


With love, Vladimíra